Letters from the Bottle is the first feature film to be produced by B. Rhino LLC. We will run two separate contests during our crowdfunding campaign. One for the movie logo and the other for the movie poster. Our creative team will select their favorite 25 submissions in each category. After being selected, each submission will be placed on the crowdfunding website for voting by the public. The submission with the most votes will win. The voting period will last for a period of 5 days. The submission deadline is February 21, 2018. You may enter either contest or both. More details about each contest are below.


We are looking for a unique title logo for our upcoming psychological drama, LETTERS FROM THE BOTTLE. We are looking for a logo that immediately resonates with our audience. This logo will be used on promotional materials, apparel and elsewhere.
Refer to the tagline and synopsis below for inspiration.
Final delivery should include layered Photoshop files. Fonts should be included.
Submitted Title Logo designs will be eligible for the following prize: $200


We are looking to create a movie poster for our upcoming psychological drama, LETTERS FROM THE BOTTLE. The movie’s tagline must be incorporated in the poster. We are looking for a poster with great artwork that draws your eye to it. It must grab your attention. The colors should pop. The design should stand out. It should illicit emotion. We are looking for something that is exceptional, something you would frame on your wall. Creativity is king.
Refer to tagline and synopsis below for inspiration.
Final delivery should include layered Photoshop files. We require portrait (24x36) as the main poster, and a landscape version (16x9). Fonts should be included.
Submitted Movie Poster designs will be eligible for the following prize: $350

How to submit:

1. Submit your design to this project to [email protected].
3. Supply full name and contact information.
4. Attach design with a “draft” watermark”


First, he takes a drink. Then the drink takes him.


AMOS NAPHISH is a former rising star in the literary world turned adjunct professor at a prestigious university in the southern United States. He carries a minimal class schedule to allow for writing time. 5 years of non-productivity have plagued him since NEKANA NAPHISH, his wife, left. DEAN HANCE CALLAWAY disdains non-academic faculty and presents Amos with an ultimatum; write another award-winning novel or be fired from the university. 
While writing had been simple enough in the past aided by his wife’s presence or excessive drinking, a sober and abandoned Amos finds the task of crafting the next best seller riddled with obstacle after obstacle; the greatest, a lack of content. As the clock ticks, Amos delves back into the bottle in order to create. He still attempts to teach between benders only to develop a sexual relationship with one of his students, DAKOTA KELLER.  The behavior, while unethical, added to the drinking grants Amos what he desires – inspiration. But as the effectiveness of each wanes Amos must indulge in greater quantities. Memories are re-lived. Paths are re-walked.
Bouncing between past and present, actuality and fantasy, Amos fights with an unforgiving computer screen trying to remain true. True to his craft. True to Nekana. True to himself. But each night, each drink, each moment with Dakota pulls him further from these truths and sets him on a collision course with a suppressed destination.
Deadlines must be met. Alcohol, Dakota, Nekana. Which will save Amos? Everything ends. Or is this just a memory too?

Character Description:

AMOS NAPHISH:  late 20s  - early 30s, African-American, male

NEKANA NAPHISH:  mid 20s, African-American, female

DEAN HANCE CALLAWAY:  late 40s  - early 60s, European-American, male

DAKOTA KELLER:  late teens  - early 20s, European-American, female