LETTERS FROM THE BOTTLE is a story about losing greatness and the fight to reclaim it. Haven't we all fallen before and struggled to rise? Who doesn't love a good comeback story? Well, this is that - sort of - with a bit of a twist.

But this project is more than just a redemption story. In a world full of Hollywood blockbusters, where are the stories with heart; about the human condition? Now, don't get the wrong idea, we enjoy blockbusters. Did you see Black Panther? How many great things can we say about it? A lot, that's how many. We simply want to take the banner for independent filmmakers and add diverse qualified options for you to chose from. We're kind of like indie superheroes. I can see our capes flapping now, but I digress.

Think about it. Film making is a collaborative process and we want you to be a part of that process.